Chemical treatment programs for boilers and cooling systems.

It consists in establishing a chemical dosing system, under the parameters calculated according to the chemical characteristics of the supply water and operational conditions of the steam generator or cooling system.

Preparation courses in the area of water treatment for steam generation and cooling system.

These courses are transmitted online or in person. In general, it is taught to interpret the physicochemical analysis, and to understand how corrosion and fouling processes occur inside steam generator or cooling systems. The Knowledge of how to maintain smoothing, demineralization and filtering systems is explained in a simple but profound way, and a manual is provided to solve problems that arise, causes, consequences and how to solve them.

Water Treatment Systems Audit.

The consumption of chemicals of the systems to be studied online is studied, that is, in real process, the rotation of inventories, the purchase of chemicals, and the comparison with the established programs.

Technical advice

Our north is set to the optimization of the industries for it we offer advice in:

  1. Training of technical staff in the performance of chemical analysis
  2. Preparation of technical reports
  3. Adjustment of dosing and calibration equipment, recommendations
  4. Review of pressure, temperature and system flows, recommendations
  5. Review the operation of filtering, smoothing or demineralization equipment, generators, towers, chiller, valves and recommendations
  6. Automation of the purge, according to the total dissolved solids
  7. Adjustment or revision of brine concentration
  8. Plant health

Maintenance of softening filters and water treatments in general.

Equipment repair, replacement of corrosion protection coatings, automation of backwash, regeneration, flushing and service processes, valve and piping replacement.

Desincrustration and cleaning of cooling systems.

Chemical cleaning of systems with fouling due to incrustation, deposits or corrosion, through acidic or alkaline chemical cleaning. Chemical cleaning with special degreaser for the preparation of new heat exchange surfaces for the start of operations.