We are a clearly Venezuelan and familiar company, whose plant is located in the city of Valencia, in the Carabobo industrial zone of Carabobo state in our administrative offices are in the el recreo industrial zone, via flor amarillo, in the industrial productivity center of the municipality of Valencia, Carabobo state.

Created initially for the manufacture and marketing of products and equipment for industrial water treatment, process and service to meet the national demand of the industry in Venezuela. In 1995 started research activities for the manufacture and improvement of special products for the area of water treatment aimed at teneries, food industries, the paper industry, metal-mechanical and chemical industries in general.

It currently has more than 15 products developed and manufactured according to customer needs.

Among the products developed are the food grade and industrial grade siliconated antifoaming agents, which can be applied in the production of fruit juice, in the process of fermentation sugars, in the production of yeasts, in the production of paper pulp, distillation, steam generation, and wastewater treatment.

Special degreasing agents are manufactured for the removal of heavy oil.

Equipment related to the water treatment area is manufactured and designed.

P.G.A. Chemicals is made up of a highly qualified and properly trained human resource in the different specialties of its marketing areas.

It has the technological support of companies with wide and recognized experience national and international scale, additionally receives the support of different universities and research institutes in the country, such of CIMBUC (center of research and development of biotechnology medical of the university of Carabobo), as well as all the chemistry laboratories of U.C. and with which research studies are currently carried out for the development of new products, with which, it seeks to maintain the excellence and quality of the products and services we offer.


It is P.G.A. Chemicals mission, to developed, produce and market special chemical products. Complying with the parameters and quality standards, both national and international, seeking at all times to exceed the expectations of our customers, ensuring the best cost-benefit ratio.

All of this framed in an atmosphere of seriousness, respect, professionalism and harmony, which guarantees the achievement of the proposed objectives with the full support of its staff.

P.G.A. Chemicals is committed to corporate social responsibility, which is why we support various social activities being members of the board of directors of voluntary dividend DVC for the community, in which with a join effort we raise and contribute funds to maintain the canteens daily for some 800 children aged 3 to 12 years.


It is our company´s policy to maintain a comprehensive quality system that exceeds the expectations of our customers, providing at all times greater reliability in terms of.

  • Quality delivery on time to our customers
  • Product quality
  • Quality after sales services

Guaranteeing at all times that they are evaluated according to the standards and techniques compatible with the production process, complying with the quality and delivery specifications previously established in our quality systems.